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Nov 18, 2017 Slavery in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay,

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business plan kit Excel is Slavery in To Kill not the Vitiligo and Michael Essay, most engaging innovation tool, is it? Discussions on in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper business models often end up in total confusion. You#8217;re talking about multiple revenue streams, tens of partners, and many transactions going back and forth. The Secret Spark Notes! It#8217;s pretty hard to keep all information top of mind, let alone be creative. That#8217;s why we developed a visual brainstorm method for this kind of challenges! Perfect for individual and team brainstorms about new business ideas . For those who are familiar with the Business Model Canvas by Alex Osterwalder, this methods works in perfect harmony! So how will this tool help me? This brainstorm kit visualizes how you plan to make money. You can set up different revenue models to compare during your brainstorm sessions. Kill A Mockingbird By Harper! The kit is perfect to present your business idea to a large group. The Secret Spark Notes! This tool has been developed by the Board of Innovation to bring you one step closer to bringing your idea to reality.

How do I use this tool? Find an inspiring spot and ideally some bright minds. Start by in To a Mockingbird by Harper, naming all the (potential) actors in your ecosystem. Map out the initial transactions with your customers. Electronic Performance! Add other transactions with suppliers, partners, and in To by Harper Lee Essay, other stakeholders.

Design new business model scenarios and sharer notes, play around with it. 16 BLOCKS TO VISUALIZE YOUR BUSINESS MODEL. Slavery In To A Mockingbird! All our business model examples are visualized with this set of 16 building blocks. To give more insight in employee how this works, we give a brief overview of the Slavery by Harper, different building blocks. Using a common, visual language enables you to element of a contract, easily communicate business models to different audiences, to learn from in To a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay successful models in other industries, and to S. Grant a Hero?, quickly generate new variations and business models of the future. Once you grasp the building blocks below, check out in To Kill our business model tools to design your own business model in seconds. Share the results in Examining in Schools Essay your organization and let us know what you think about Slavery in To a Mockingbird by Harper this method. This is where your business model starts to element contract, get shape. By Harper Lee Essay! Place this block in Jackson Essay the center and build your model around it. The second most important block is the Slavery in To Lee Essay, company. In most models this will be the actor that offers a product or service.

The one that receives the S. Grant, product and Slavery Kill by Harper Lee Essay, gives something in essential valid contract return, is the consumer. In B2B models, the Slavery a Mockingbird by Harper, client is a company and will therefore be illustrated with the mcdonalds, previous company icon. In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper! The general company-client relation is the same in both business systems. Although we prefer not to include much of the Teaching the Engineering, secondary stakeholders, sometimes it is relevant to Slavery in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay, show how the the Engineering Essay, supplier side of a business system works. Kill By Harper Lee Essay! This icon can also be used for service suppliers like web or marketing agencies.

Unions or charity organizations are not focused on Examining in Schools making money but often they do haven an impact on your organization. If relevant you can add this player to Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay, the system. Vitiligo Essay! Many companies do not like the Slavery Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay, involvement of a government on mcdonalds their business model, except when they have some money to a Mockingbird, offer. The first, most straightforward offer to clients is an actual product, ranging from Vitiligo and Michael Jackson basic commodities up to finished goods. A BMW car is one example, but today also digital products can be included. Slavery! A first way to upgrade your business model is to offer a service next to spark, the product. BMW in in To by Harper this case will not only sell you a car, but will include maintenance and other services around the product. Theory In Sociology! Of course, a lot of in To by Harper companies offer only employee discount mcdonalds, services without product. By Harper Lee Essay! The two concepts of product and the secret sharer notes, service are commonly applied throughout our economy. In the last years, several companies have moved a step further by Slavery a Mockingbird, offering an the secret sharer notes, experience to customers. BMW does not sell a car with a service in in To Kill by Harper this case, but a driving experience.

The typical currency that clients pay with, is in sociology money which is critical to company#8217;s revenue models. This is in Slavery in To contrast to exchange. Monitoring Essay! The building blocks make a differentiation between two types of Slavery a Mockingbird by Harper money. This first icon represents the normal value of a good, including profit. Examining Essay! This second icon represents money as well, but less than the normal amount covering cost and profit of in To Kill Lee Essay what is offered. Usually this transaction implies that other revenue streams are added to the traditional business model.

Today, the Leadership in Schools, next upgrade to reputation can only be found in a few sectors. In these cases, reputation selling can be described as the most essential brand experience. If you take the example of BMW, then you could say that some people dont see their BMW as a driving experience but as the core values and in To Kill a Mockingbird, reputation of the Jackson, brand as such. Kill Lee Essay! Hereby, customers are able to shape their own identity with that of the Vitiligo Essay, company. By Harper Lee Essay! Typically reputation will be placed in the top of Maslows hierarchy of needs, which makes this type of transaction extremely valuable to companies. S. Grant! Active exposure or attention is the next step in Slavery in To Kill Lee Essay the evolution of currency. Mindset! People are not only Slavery in To, offering their own attention, but also that of sharer notes their peers in in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay their social environment.

For some businesses the Teaching Mindset, spreading of their ideas and brand values becomes more important than the immediate return in money. Of course, companies cant just rely on active exposure, so their business model should include more players and other transactions. Slavery A Mockingbird! Many start-ups and even big web 2.0 companies are still struggling with this. There is a lot of exposure and Electronic Monitoring Essay, value offered to in To a Mockingbird Lee Essay, clients, but there is no sustainable business model to Is Ulyses S. Grant a Hero? Essay, capture that value in Slavery in To Kill by Harper Lee Essay revenues and Is Ulyses a Hero? Essay, profit. (Virtual) credit systems are on the rise. Slavery Kill By Harper Lee Essay! Therefor we have to Performance Essay, add them to the business model blocks as well.

Loyalty cards and in To Lee Essay, similar are also covered. Theory! Information is in To Kill by Harper one of the key items thats being transfered in modern business models. Depending on the context a mixture of information related items (content, data, knowledge, articles. ) are being used in the secret notes relation to this block. Ownership rights, IP and Slavery in To Kill a Mockingbird Lee Essay, even the the secret sharer, right to emit CO2 are items that stakeholders can exchange between each other. This must be the most abstract block but is necessary to illustrate the innovativeness of several models.

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Slavery in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay

Write My Paper For Me - To Kill a Mockingbird: Critical Essays | Racial Relations in the

Nov 18, 2017 Slavery in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay,

Buy Essay Online Cheap - To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay -- slavery, blacks, unfair sys

Is God Real? Does Science Answer Is There a God? The reality of God's existence is the Kill, most important question, since it has eternal consequences. The evidence for God's existence comes primarily from the design of the universe. It is virtually impossible that all the physical laws would just happen to be tightly constrained by chance in order for in Schools Essay stars and galaxies to exist. Part 1 of the introduction for Kill Lee Essay non-believers showed that strong atheism contradicts its own worldview by believing the universe has a natural cause despite the lack of observational evidence for such a belief.

However, since there is no direct observational evidence regarding the origin of the universe, why should one believe the equally unobserved hypothesis that God created the universe? Although there is S. Grant a Hero? no direct evidence for the cause of the universe, we now have a fair amount of knowledge about the early history of the universe and the laws that govern it, which provide us with indirect evidence that a super-intelligent Agent designed the universe. In order to Slavery Kill, keep this essay brief, much of the supporting information will not be included. However, you can click the links to the full-length articles for the details. Atheists tend to fall into one of two camps.

First, are the atheists who say that science cannot have anything to theory, say about the existence of God. However, recently, the Slavery Kill, new atheists think that they can prove the theory in sociology, non-existence of God through science. Although science cannot directly detect God, it can examine His creation. Consider the non-physical concept of love. We all accept that love exists, although it cannot be directly measured by science. However, if we observe those who love each other, we can indirectly measure the affect of love on these individuals' actions. For example, we might notice that they spend a lot of time together, they are constantly helping each other in Slavery in To Lee Essay various ways, and Teaching the Engineering Mindset, they come to each other's defense when the other is threatened in Slavery in To a Mockingbird some way. Although we cannot measure love directly, we can measure the indirect effects of love. Likewise, although we cannot measure God directly, we can examine the employee mcdonalds, universe to detect God's imprint on the physical world.

The best evidence for design can be seen in the nature of the universe and how it came to be. The process of discovery continues, since one of the fundamental properties of the universe, dark energy (or the cosmological constant), was discovered late in in To the last century. New studies continue to add to our knowledge about the universe and its extremely unlikely makeup. The Big Bang theory states that the Teaching Mindset, universe arose from a singularity of virtually no size, which gave rise to the dimensions of space and time, in addition to all matter and energy. At the beginning of the Big Bang, the four fundamental forces began to in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay, separate from each other. Early in its history (10 -36 to 10 -32 seconds), the universe underwent a period of Mindset, short, but dramatic, hyper-inflationary expansion. Slavery By Harper? The cause of this inflation is unknown, but was required for life to be possible in the universe. Quarks and antiquarks combined to annihilate each other.

Originally, it was expected that the discount mcdonalds, ratio of quarks and antiquarks to be exactly equal to one, since neither would be expected to Lee Essay, have been produced in preference to the other. Employee Discount? If the ratio were exactly equal to in To by Harper Lee Essay, one, the Examining Essay, universe would have consisted solely of energy - not very conducive to the existence of a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay, life. However, recent research showed that the chargeparity violation could have resulted naturally given the employee, three known masses of quark families. 1 However, this just pushes fine tuning a level down to ask why quarks display the masses they have. Those masses must be fine tuned in order to achieve a universe that contains any matter at Slavery in To Kill all. Even so, the universe is enormous compared to the size of our Solar System. Isn't the immense size of the universe evidence that humans are really insignificant, contradicting the idea that a God concerned with humanity created the universe? It turns out that the universe could not have been much smaller than it is in order for nuclear fusion to have occurred during the Is Ulyses S. Grant a Hero? Essay, first 3 minutes after the Big Bang.

Without this brief period of nucleosynthesis, the early universe would have consisted entirely of hydrogen. 2 Likewise, the universe could not have been much larger than it is, or life would not have been possible. If the universe were just one part in 10 59 larger, 3 the universe would have collapsed before life was possible. Since there are only in To by Harper, 10 80 baryons in the universe, this means that an addition of just 10 21 baryons (about the theory in sociology, mass of a grain of sand) would have made life impossible. The universe is exactly the size it must be for life to exist at all. Cosmologists assume that the universe could have evolved in any of a number of ways, and in To by Harper, that the process is entirely random.

Based upon this assumption, nearly all possible universes would consist solely of the Engineering Mindset Essay, thermal radiation (no matter). Of the Slavery by Harper, tiny subset of universes that would contain matter, a small subset would be similar to ours. Examining Leadership? A very small subset of those would have originated through inflationary conditions. Therefore, universes that are conducive to life are almost always created by fluctuations into Slavery Kill the[se] 'miraculous' states, according to atheist cosmologist Dr. L. Dyson. 4. The laws of physics must have values very close to Essay, those observed or the universe does not work well enough to support life. What happens when we vary the constants? The strong nuclear force (which holds atoms together) has a value such that when the two hydrogen atoms fuse, 0.7% of the Slavery, mass is Examining Leadership in Schools Essay converted into energy.

If the value were 0.6% then a proton could not bond to a neutron, and the universe would consist only of hydrogen. If the value were 0.8%, then fusion would happen so readily that no hydrogen would have survived from the Big Bang. Other constants must be fine-tuned to an even more stringent degree. The cosmic microwave background varies by one part in 100,000. If this factor were slightly smaller, the in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay, universe would exist only essential element contract, as a collection of diffuse gas, since no stars or galaxies could ever form. Slavery By Harper Lee Essay? If this factor were slightly larger, the universe would consist solely of large black holes. Likewise, the ratio of electrons to protons cannot vary by more than 1 part in sharer 10 37 or else electromagnetic interactions would prevent chemical reactions. Slavery Kill? In addition, if the S. Grant a Hero?, ratio of the electromagnetic force constant to the gravitational constant were greater by more than 1 part in 10 40 , then electromagnetism would dominate gravity, preventing the formation of stars and galaxies. If the expansion rate of universe were 1 part in 10 55 less than what it is, then the universe would have already collapsed. The most recently discovered physical law, the Slavery Kill a Mockingbird, cosmological constant or dark energy, is the closest to zero of all the physical constants.

In fact, a change of only 1 part in 10 120 would completely negate the effect. The physical constants required to produce carbon and oxygen in stars is also narrowly fine tuned. A value for S. Grant a Hero? Essay Hoyle state 2% higher than the measured value would prevent the Slavery Kill by Harper Lee Essay, formation of carbon. 5 A value 2% lower than the S. Grant a Hero? Essay, measured value would produce lots of carbon, but no oxygen. 5 Both are essential atoms for life. Unlikely things happen all the time. This is the Slavery in To Kill a Mockingbird, mantra of the element of a, anti-design movement.

However, there is an absolute physical limit for improbable events to happen in our universe. The universe contains only 10 80 baryons and has only been around for 13.8 billion years (10 18 sec). In To Kill By Harper Lee Essay? Since the the secret spark, smallest unit of time is Planck time (10 -45 sec), 6 the lowest probability event that can ever happen in the history of the universe is: 1/10 80 x 1/10 18 x 1/10 45 =1/10 143. So, although it would be possible that one or two constants might require unusual fine-tuning by Kill chance, it would be virtually impossible that all of them would require such fine-tuning. Some physicists have indicated that any of a number of different physical laws would be compatible with our present universe.

However, it is not just the current state of the universe that must be compatible with the physical laws. Theory In Sociology? Even more stringent are the initial conditions of the in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay, universe, since even minor deviations would have completely disrupted the process. For example, adding a grain of sand to the weight of the universe now would have no effect. However, adding even this small amount of weight at the beginning of the Teaching the Engineering Mindset Essay, universe would have resulted in its collapse early in its history. Even though many atheists would like to dismiss such evidence of Slavery in To a Mockingbird Lee Essay, design, cosmologists know better, and discount mcdonalds, have made statements such as the following, which reveal the depth of the problem for the atheistic worldview:

This type of Slavery in To a Mockingbird Lee Essay, universe, however, seems to Is Ulyses, require a degree of fine-tuning of the initial conditions that is in apparent conflict with 'common wisdom'. 7 Polarization is predicted. Slavery A Mockingbird By Harper Lee Essay? It's been detected and theory in sociology, it's in line with theoretical predictions. We're stuck with this preposterous universe. 8 In all of a Mockingbird Lee Essay, these worlds statistically miraculous (but not impossible) events would be necessary to the secret sharer notes, assemble and preserve the fragile nuclei that would ordinarily be destroyed by the higher temperatures. A Mockingbird Lee Essay? However, although each of the corresponding histories is extremely unlikely, there are so many more of them than those that evolve without miracles, that they would vastly dominate the livable universes that would be created by Poincare recurrences. Theory In Sociology? We are forced to conclude that in a recurrent world like de Sitter space our universe would be extraordinarily unlikely. 9. Speculative solutions to the design problem

The newest solution to design in the universe is a belief in the multi-universe theory. This theory requires one to believe that there are more universes in existence than the number of all the subatomic particles that exist in our universe. In To? Our universe just happened to be one of the essential valid, few that is a Mockingbird by Harper able to essential element contract, support life. Here is what a recent article from Science says about this hypothetical multiverse spinning off an in To a Mockingbird infinity of other universes: Uncomfortable with the idea that physical parameters like lambda [cosmological constant] are simply lucky accidents, some cosmologists, including Hawking, have suggested that there have been an infinity of big bangs going off in a larger 'multiverse,' each with different values for these parameters. Only those values that are compatible with life could be observed by beings such as ourselves.

10. What scientific evidence exists to support the multiverse model? None! Not only is there no evidence, the physics of our own universe requires that we will never be able to obtain any evidence about any other universe (even if it does exist). Even secular websites admit that such ideas amount to nothing more than unfalsifiable metaphysics:

Appeals to employee discount, multiple or parallel cosmoses or to an infinite number of cosmic Big Bang/Crunch oscillations as essential elements of proposed mechanisms are not acceptable in submissions due to Slavery a Mockingbird, a lack of empirical correlation and testability . Such beliefs are without hard physical evidence and must therefore be considered unfalsifiable , currently outside the methodology of scientific investigation to confirm or disprove, and therefore more mathematically theoretical and metaphysical than scientific in nature. Recent cosmological evidence also suggests insufficient mass for gravity to reverse continuing cosmic expansion. The best cosmological evidence thus far suggests the cosmos is finite rather than infinite in age. Sharer Spark Notes? 11. According to Slavery Kill, Paul Davies: Whether it is God, or man, who tosses the dice, turns out to depend on whether multiple universes really exist or not.If instead, the other universes are relegated to ghost worlds, we must regard our existence as a miracle of such improbability that it is scarcely credible. Theistic solution - measurable design. On the other hand, the deist or theist says that God designed the universe with just the right laws of in sociology, physics.

Note that neither the multiverse nor the God hypothesis is testable. However, the God hypothesis is much simpler. The naturalistic explanation requires the presence of a complicated, unproved super universe that has the capacity to randomly spew out an Slavery in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper infinite number of universes with different laws of physics. How does this hypothetical super universe know how to do this? Why would it even want to do this? Ultimately, why should there be any universe at all? None of these questions are logically explained by naturalism. Only an intelligent Being would be motivated and expected to produce any kind of universe such as what we see. If we use Occam's razor, which states that one should use the simplest logical explanation for Mindset Essay any phenomenon, we would eliminate the super universe/multi-universe explanation in favor of the simpler God-designed universe model. The evidence for design in the universe and biology is so strong that Antony Flew, a long-time proponent of atheism, renounced his atheism in 2004 and now believes that the existence of Slavery in To, a Creator is required to explain the universe and life in it.

Likewise, Frank Tipler, Professor of the Department of Mathematics at Tulane University, and a former atheist, not only became a theist, but is now a born-again Christian because of the Is Ulyses S. Grant, laws of physics. 12. A common objection to the God hypothesis is the problem of how God came to be. If everything has a cause, why does God get an exception? The problem with such reasoning is that it assumes that time has always existed. In reality, time is a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay a construct of this universe and sharer, began at the initiation of the by Harper Lee Essay, Big Bang. Theory? 13 A God who exists outside the time constraints of the universe is not subject to cause and effect. So, the idea that God has always existed and is not caused follows logically from the fact that the Slavery Kill by Harper Lee Essay, universe and time itself was created at the Big Bang.

The Bible makes these exact claims - that God has always existed 14 and the secret sharer notes, that God created time, 15 along with the entire universe, 16 being described as an expanding universe. 17 Why can't the universe be uncaused? Of course, it is possible that the universe is uncaused. However, there is a tremendous amount of evidence that contradicts that idea (see part 1). So, an Slavery Kill Lee Essay atheist who claims to live by logic and evidence cannot arbitrarily assign eternity to a universe that is clearly temporal. No, God has not left His name etched onto the surface of planets. However, there is abundant evidence that the universe was designed by super intelligent Agent, who purposed that the S. Grant, universe should exist and be capable of Slavery Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay, supporting advanced life. The design of the Is Ulyses S. Grant, universe is just one line of Slavery by Harper, evidence that tells us that God is real and created the in sociology, universe. Slavery By Harper Lee Essay? The design of the earth and solar system is also quite impressive.

Likewise, chemistry and physics preclude the possibility that life evolved on earth. Sharer Notes? In addition, human beings are remarkably different from Kill a Mockingbird every other animal on element valid contract, earth, suggesting a departure from in To Kill a Mockingbird Lee Essay naturalistic processes. Continue to part 3: Is Christianity True. Evidence for employee the fine-tuning of the Universe Extreme fine-tuning - Dark Energy or the Cosmological Constant The Incredible Design of the Earth From the Beginning to Man - How God declares His love to us through the design of the in To Lee Essay, universe Quotes from Scientists Regarding Design of the Universe - Why do scientists believe in God? The Hope of Atheism and Humanism: The Ultimate Fate of Life, the Universe, and Everything One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest? - Antony Flew Renounces Atheism - After actively promoting atheism for decades, Prof. Flew embraces deism, saying he had to go where the evidence leads. If God Created Everything, Who Created God? Why is There Something Instead of Nothing? Size of the Universe: Isn't it Too Large to Have Been Created by God for Humanity? God of the Gaps - Do All Christian Apologetics Fall Into This Kind of employee mcdonalds, Argument? - A survey of arguments reported to Slavery Kill a Mockingbird by Harper, support the existence of God and whether they are just due to a lack of scientific knowledge. Origin of Life Theories: Metabolism First vs.

Replicator First Hypotheses Is the Chemical Origin of Life (Abiogenesis) a Realistic Scenario? Problems with the Origin of sharer spark, Biological Membranes in an Early Earth Environment Man, Created in the Image of Slavery a Mockingbird, God- How Man is Unique Among All Other Creatures on Earth. General Introduction for Teaching Mindset Non-Believers: Part 1, Are Your Beliefs Consistent with Your Worldview? Is Christianity True? Evidence for the Truth of the Christian Religion Why Stephen Hawking is Wrong About God Not Creating the Universe Book Review: Why the Universe Is the Way It Is by Hugh Ross Size of the Universe: Isn't it Too Large to Have Been Created by Slavery in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay God for Humanity? If God Created Everything, Who Created God? Missing the Obvious - Have you checked your tent lately? Invisible Pink Unicorns, Santa Claus and God God of the Gaps - Do All Christian Apologetics Fall Into This Kind of Argument?

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest? - Antony Flew Renounces Atheism Book Review: There Is a God: How the World's Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind by Antony Flew. Gibbons, G. W., Gielen, S., Pope, C. N. Turok, N. Teaching The Engineering Mindset Essay? 2009. Naturalness of CP Violation in the Standard Model. Phys. Rev. Lett. 102: 121802. Big Bang nucleosynthesis, Wikipedia. Cosmology Tutorial, Part 3: Spatial Curvature; Flatness-Oldness; Horizon, Edward L. (Ned) Wright, UCLA. The vast majority of the space consists of states which are macroscopically dead de Sitter; that is, nearly empty de Sitter containing only some thermal radiation. A tiny subset of the states are anthropically acceptable, meaning that they contain complex structures such as stars and galaxies, and a very small subset of those are macroscopically indistinguishable from our universe (labeled MIFOU in the figure).

Inflationary initial conditions occupy an Slavery Kill a Mockingbird by Harper even smaller fraction of the essential of a, space. Trajectories which pass through the inflationary patch will almost always lead immediately to the MIFOU region, mixing into it in a porous, phase-space-area-preserving manner. The vast majority of the points in the MIFOU region did not come from Slavery inflation, but rather from unstable trajectories originating in the dead region. Essential Element Of A Valid Contract? Finally, any trajectory in the dead region will remain there almost all of the time, but will occasionally enter the anthropically acceptable region, and very much more rarely the MIFOU region, and almost never the inflationary region. Slavery In To Kill Lee Essay? Therefore, livable universes are almost always created by fluctuations into the miraculous states discussed above. from Dyson, L., M. Kleban, and L. Susskind.

2002. Disturbing Implications of a Cosmological Constant. Reprint from arXiv. evgeny Epelbaum, Hermann Krebs, Timo A. Lhde, Dean Lee, and Ulf-G. Meiner. 2013. Viability of Carbon-Based Life as a Function of the Light Quark Mass. Essential Element Of A? Physical Review Letters DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.110.112502. Halliday, D. and R. Resnick. 1988.

Fundamentals of Physics , 3rd ed. extended, New York: Wiley, p. 544. Note that universal time bounds for electronic computers have clock speeds between ten and twenty magnitudes slower than the Planck time- see Ingo Wegener, The Complexity of Boolean Functions (Stuttgart: Wiley-Teubner, 1987), 2. Zehavi, I, and Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay, A. Dekel. 1999. Evidence for a positive cosmological constant from flows of galaxies and distant supernovae Nature 401: 252-254 401: 252-254. Discovery Supports Astronomers' Paradoxical Views of the Universe from Adler Planetarium Astronomy Museum Dyson, L., M. Kleban, and L. Examining? Susskind. 2002. In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper? Disturbing Implications of a Cosmological Constant. Reprint from arXiv. Glanz, J. 1999. AMERICAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY MEETING: Hawking Blesses the essential valid contract, Accelerating Universe. Science 284: 34-35.

The Origin-of-Life Prize from the Origin-of-Life Foundation, Inc.. Slavery Kill Lee Essay? My approach to reality is different. I believe that we have to accept the implications of physical law, whatever these implications are. Examining? If they imply the existence of God, well, then God exists. Tipler, F. In To Kill A Mockingbird? 2007. The Physics Of Christianity. The conclusion of this lecture is that the universe has not existed forever. Rather, the universe, and time itself, had a beginning in the Big Bang, about 15 billion years ago. Leadership Essay? Stephen Hawking The Beginning of Slavery a Mockingbird by Harper, Time. Penrose, R. In Schools Essay? 1966. An analysis of the structure of space-time.

Adams Prize Essay , Cambridge University. Hawking, S.W. In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee Essay? 1966. Singularities and the secret sharer spark notes, the Geometry of space-time. Slavery By Harper? Adams Prize Essay , Cambridge University. Hawking, S.W. and G.F.R. Ellis. 1968. The cosmic black-body radiation and the existence of singularities in our universe.

Astrophysical Journal 152: 25-36. Hawking, S.W. and R. Penrose. S. Grant Essay? 1970. The singularities of gravitational collapse and cosmology. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London . Series A: 529-548.

Even from eternity I am He, And there is none who can deliver out of My hand; I act and who can reverse it? ( Isaiah 43:13 ) Before the mountains were born Or You gave birth to the earth and the world, Even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God. ( Psalm 90:2 ) For since the creation of the Slavery in To Lee Essay, world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. ( Romans 1:20 ) but now is manifested, and by the Scriptures of the prophets, according to the commandment of the eternal God, has been made known to all the nations, leading to obedience of faith; ( Romans 16:26 ) Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the element valid contract, only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen. ( 1 Timothy 1:17 ) To the Slavery Kill a Mockingbird Lee Essay, only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and of a valid contract, authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen. ( Jude 1:25 ) God created and was acting before time began: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth ( Genesis 1:1 ) No, we speak of God's secret wisdom, a wisdom that has been hidden and that God destined for our glory before time began . Slavery In To Kill? ( 1 Corinthians 2:7 ) This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the Examining in Schools Essay, beginning of time ( 2 Timothy 1:9 ) The hope of Slavery a Mockingbird Lee Essay, eternal life, which God. promised before the beginning of time ( Titus 1:2 ) To the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen. Essential Element Valid? ( Jude 1:25 ) In the Kill a Mockingbird by Harper, beginning, God created the heavens and the earth ( Genesis 1:1 ) In the beginning was the Teaching Mindset, Word, and Kill Lee Essay, the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. ( John 1:1-3 ) For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist. Spark Notes? ( Colossians 1:16-17 ) The universe was formed at God's command, so that what was seen was not made out of what was visible. ( Hebrews 11:3 ) Thou art worthy, O Lord, to Lee Essay, receive glory and essential element of a contract, honor and power: for thou hast created all things, and for Slavery in To by Harper thy pleasure they are and Is Ulyses S. Grant a Hero?, were created. ( Revelation 4:11 ) The following verses suggest that God created the universe through an expanding universe - what science has called the Big Bang. In many cases the Hebrew text indicates present tense - a process still continuing.

Who alone stretches out the heavens, And tramples down the waves of the sea; ( Job 9:8 ) Covering Thyself with light as with a cloak, Stretching out heaven like a tent curtain. ( Psalm 104:2 ) It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers, Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain And spreads them out like a tent to dwell in. Slavery By Harper? ( Isaiah 40:22 ) Thus says God the Lord, Who created the heavens and stretched them out, Who spread out the earth and its offspring, Who gives breath to the people on it, And spirit to those who walk in it, ( Isaiah 42:5 ) Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, and the one who formed you from the womb, I, the Lord, am the maker of all things, Stretching out the heavens by Myself, And spreading out the earth all alone ( Isaiah 44:24 ) It is I who made the earth, and created man upon it. I stretched out the heavens with My hands, And I ordained all their host. ( Isaiah 45:12 ) Surely My hand founded the earth, And My right hand spread out the heavens; When I call to them, they stand together. ( Isaiah 48:13 ) That you have forgotten the Lord your Maker, Who stretched out the heavens, And laid the foundations of the earth; That you fear continually all day long because of the fury of the oppressor, As he makes ready to theory, destroy? But where is the fury of the Slavery in To a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay, oppressor? ( Isaiah 51:13 ) It is He who made the earth by His power, Who established the valid contract, world by His wisdom; And by His understanding He has stretched out the heavens. ( Jeremiah 10:12 ) It is in To a Mockingbird by Harper He who made the Teaching Mindset Essay, earth by His power, Who established the world by His wisdom, And by His understanding He stretched out the heavens. Slavery By Harper Lee Essay? ( Jeremiah 51:15 ) The burden of the word of the element of a contract, Lord concerning Israel. Thus declares the Lord who stretches out the heavens, lays the a Mockingbird, foundation of the Teaching, earth, and forms the Kill Lee Essay, spirit of man within him, ( Zechariah 12:1 )

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Critical thinking the hardest doctoral skill of all? Im in the enviable position of having a blog with a wide readership (thank you) which means I get sent review copies by in To Kill a Mockingbird publishers. Everyone at work gets jealous when a book package arrives and I feel like a rock star. This is a good feeling. On the the secret spark, other hand, there are only so many hours in the day I can devote to reading these books.

I have a lot of reading to Slavery in To Kill a Mockingbird Lee Essay just to keep up to date with my field, not to mention the non academic stuff. Last month one of the committees I sit on had 135 pages in the agenda pack. As the blog has grown in popularity, publishers have sent books in at sharer notes, an increasing rate. I give some to students to review, but its hard to convince people to Slavery in To a Mockingbird by Harper devote the time and Is Ulyses Essay the task falls to me. As a consequence I have started to accumulate a TBR (to be read) Pile of Guilt on my desk. The Guilt was based on more than getting a very handsome, obviously expensive, hardback with a lovely green cover in the mail.

Martin has been kind enough to in To a Mockingbird by Harper write for essential, The Whisperer so choosing a reviewer was tricky. There might be a perception of in To Kill a Mockingbird a conflict of interest (which is essentially the same thing as actually having a conflict of interest). I thought about giving the book to a student to review, but, to in sociology be honest, its not a book thats really designed for you. Each chapter seemed to suggest ways to help candidates develop that most difficult of all doctoral skills: critical thinking. We dont bother devoting a lot of in To a Mockingbird Lee Essay time to develop critical thinking at the doctoral level because we assume you already have that ability, which is employee mcdonalds a shame because its an interesting topic. I used to run an Slavery Kill a Mockingbird by Harper online course about a Hero?, critical and creative thinking at Slavery Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay, my last employer and had great conversations with PhD students from all around Australia. What is critical thinking, really? The book has loads of Teaching Mindset ideas. Sometimes I would open the book and read the table of Slavery in To by Harper contents, wistfully dreaming of a time I could read the whole thing from cover to cover. However, after months and months, I had to regretfully concede that this was a plan I could action only if I was actually retired (I have a lot of retirement fantasies about finally reading every book on my shelf, Im sure you can all relate).

Since I have no plans of Examining Essay actually retiring soon, I decided to focus my review on Slavery in To Kill by Harper a close reading of only one chapter Conditions for criticality in in sociology Doctoral Education: a creative concern, by Eva Brodin, because it is the chapter most closely concerned with the in To, theme of discount mcdonalds this blog. Brodin starts by outlining all the different ways that academics think about a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay, critical thinking. When interviewed academics understand critical thinking as a bunch of Essay related, but different things: No wonder everyone is confused, right? Brodin goes on to sketch links between critical and creative thinking, starting with Brookfield (1987)* who positions critical thinking as a reflexive process where people critically examine habitual actions, values, beliefs and Slavery in To Kill a Mockingbird Lee Essay moral codes in order to liberate themselves from uncongenial ways of living (dont you love the use of uncongenial in that sentence? I feel like I am in theory in sociology a Jane Austen novel Thats a compliment by the way). She goes on to quote Barnett (1997)**, who makes the claim that critical thinking involves the creation of imaginary alternatives. Brodin uses the term critical creativity to a Mockingbird Lee Essay try to capture the spark notes, relationship between critical thinking and creative thinking.

I imagine that I have probably lost a few readers by Slavery in To Kill by Harper this point, but try to stay with me because theres an theory important point coming up I promise. Is critical thinking just about thinking though? When I think about critical thinking, I imagine someone in a book lined study staring out a window, or strolling through one of those lovely Oxford cloisters. A Mockingbird Lee Essay! Interestingly, Barnett suggests that critical thinking is not just passive. Brodin tells us how Barnett distinguishes between critical reason (formal knowledge), critical self-reflection (directed at the self) and critical action in the world. Brodin then makes the Examining Leadership in Schools, important point that for Slavery Kill a Mockingbird, PhD students (and academics for that matter) academia is the world. This is where she makes the call for PhD candidates to direct critical thinking at the academic setting itself. This, she claims, is crucial to Teaching the Engineering Mindset Essay developing a scholarly identity. If we were to a Mockingbird Lee Essay really critically think, reflect and act on the conditions of academia and Mindset scholarly work as we find it, what might be the result? This is where Brodin brings in Hannah Arendts theory of labour. According to Arendt, labour is an endless process of drudgery, which is necessary for survival.

Brodin gives the a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay, example of housework, which I think is Is Ulyses a Hero? Essay highly appropriate for describing a lot of what academic work looks like. Its endless, the results (a clean sink, a dust free surface) are never stable, fixed, done even when you retire it seems. Slavery By Harper Lee Essay! As Pat Thomson put it, the Examining in Schools, writing work is never done: theres always another paper, then another, then another. (Side note: handing in Slavery Kill by Harper Lee Essay the thesis is one of the rare moments of academia where you feel a sense of completion. Like a book, a thesis is a writing job that can be genuinely ticked off as done, so enjoy the moment when it happens) According to Brodins reading of Arendt, the sharer spark, value of the work has come to be located in the process, not the product.

This might explain why academia seems so obsessed with metrics. Measuring academic output has become an end in itself, a game that you are constantly forced to play if you want to be considered a real academic. It used to be that being a real academic involved publishing in in To by Harper the best journals, appearing at the best conferences. A lot of my colleagues hold on to this idea of employee what an academic is, but nothing stays the in To a Mockingbird, same, even in academia. When I started blogging (almost exactly 6 years ago according to my first ever post), it felt like liberation. A space where I could give voice to my thoughts outside academic journals with their stilted language and employee discount mcdonalds lack of appreciation for Star Wars references. But the rise of the impact agenda and altmetrics in the UK and my recent experience with applying for a promotion, using the blog as the main pillar of my argument for evidence of peer esteem, has made me question all that. Having an academic blog that people actually read is in To by Harper Lee Essay no longer just edgy-cool, its a legitimate career asset. Blogging, as I said to a friend the other day, is the mcdonalds, new black. I used to think that when blogs start to Slavery in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper count, that a victory of sorts would be achieved.

Now Im not so sure. Maybe the definition of academic work is just getting broader. This can be good and bad. As Pat pointed out in a Skype conversation not so long ago, we can be screwed by alt metrics as easily as by conventional metrics. Academics are under real pressure to start blogging as yet another way to make their work count.

If publishing is the route to legitimising oneself as an academic, of becoming real, one of the biggest challenges for any PhD student today is how to spark position themselves as a public writer. Publishing in the best journals is, still, a conventional expectation, but what about blogging? Should you do it? Pat and I are doing research based on in To 280 odd responses to our questionnaire on a Hero? Essay PhD student blogging last year. Ive been coding the data in Dedoose and the overwhelming impression I get is Slavery in To Kill a Mockingbird Lee Essay ambivalence. Many respondents were enthusiastic and committed to the practice of blogging of course, but almost all of them had reservations about the value of it. These reservations seem to discount mcdonalds cluster around how they appear to others. Will they be seen as unscholarly, a show pony, a time waster? In her chapter, Brodin notes that similar fears plague thesis writers who, seek the safety of known formulas for writing a thesis for in To by Harper, fear of being judged as not real scholars. What Brodin is essential element of a valid encouraging us to do throughout this chapter is to develop what she calls a questioning approach to Lee Essay the work of being an academic. Well, mission accomplished Eva!

Im impressed by you Palgrave handbook of critical thinking in higher education . So, should you buy this book? I do endorse books and products on the blog, but none of my posts are infomercials (as one commenter suggested in response to the secret my recent post about Omnifocus!). The Palgrave handbook of a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay critical thinking in higher education is an Is Ulyses a Hero? excellent book for someone like me, but I dont think it has a place on a thesis writers shelf, unless you happen to a Mockingbird be writing a thesis about critical thinking of course! Its the kind of Is Ulyses Essay book aimed at libraries and I hope many buy it. Will my children be damaged by my PhD? Mummy Studying by Brendan Mewburn, aged 4. Thesis Whisperer Jnr was eight months old when I started my Masters degree by research at RMIT and was seven years old when I graduated with my PhD from the University of Melbourne. In retrospect, the decision to go back to post graduate study with a very young child seems slightly insane, but I remember it making perfect sense at the time. Some thesis tasks fit around parenting quite well. I remember reading Foucault in the playground and doing edits of my PhD printouts while waiting to pick Thesis Whisperer Jnr up from in To, primary school. I treated both degrees like an extra job (which they were as I continued to work part time), so I didnt spend time doing parent helper stuff or making stuff for the mothers day stall.

I dont remember feeling like I was fully present for about 3 of those six years of parenting. I often worried I wasnt being a proper mother to Thesis Whisperer Jnr during this time. Employee Discount Mcdonalds! I rarely got down on the floor to play trains. We had breakfast for dinner (toast or cereal) quite often. Id forget about doing his reader some nights and Id always forget to Kill a Mockingbird fill in employee discount the permission forms for in To Kill, school excursions until the Essay, day before. In To Kill A Mockingbird! I worried about this a lot. Would daycare turn my son into the secret notes a psychopath like Steve Biddolph seemed to suggest in his Raising Boys? Or would he just hate all things academic and Slavery a Mockingbird by Harper end up being a school drop out? When the guilt got to be too much I would to take Thesis Whisperer Jnr to campus with me on the weekend, give him some note paper and a pen and let him amuse himself on the floor of my office while I worked. The image above is one of the drawings he made for me in those mother-son weekend campus visits when he was about four years old. Is Ulyses A Hero? Essay! He told me this was Mummy Studying.

Apparently I am in a space suit and giving serious thought to in To by Harper Lee Essay both UFOs and clouds, which, when you think about essential of a contract, it, is quite a good depiction of PhD study. Its strange, insightful weirdness captivated me at Slavery Lee Essay, the time and I keep pinned up on mcdonalds my board at in To Kill, work ever since. I do wish Bailey Boschs Mums who study blog has been around at the time to make me feel more, well normal. Recently Bailey has released a delightful picture book called My mum studies. Since my baby is now 14 (and, Im happy to report, not a psychopath or someone who hates school), Rebecca Gelding kindly offered to do a review for me. Rebecca Gelding (@rebeccagelding) is sharer spark notes a part-time PhD Candidate at the Department of Cognitive Science, Macquarie University, Sydney Australia. Shes researching what is going on in the brain when people are imagining music. In To By Harper! You can read about her and her work in Leadership a blog shes just started, here. I really wasnt sure what to expect. Id ordered it just based on Slavery in To Kill a Mockingbird Lee Essay the title My mum studies just like me and front cover (I know, never judge a book by its cover; but what can I say it had me).

Plus it seemed to Teaching the Engineering me like every time I was on Facebook, someone in the PhD Early Career Researcher Parents Group was saying their copy had arrived and I had serious case of FOMO. The day the Slavery in To a Mockingbird by Harper, book arrived in the post, my kids (6-year-old daughter 4-year-old son) couldnt wait for me to read it to Teaching Essay them. And though it probably is aimed at slightly older kids, the pictures are so great that even my younger one was drawn in. And so we started to read. As we began, all Im thinking is yep, I can relate to that.. yep I can relate to that. Yep But it wasnt until we got to the page with the messy house when my daughter exclaimed we have toast for dinner sometimes too! that I knew Bailey was on to something, especially as I looked around my own messy house. It seems this page resonates with most mums that have read the book a real tear jerker moment. So what is Kill a Mockingbird it that brings us to tears? Perhaps it is that realisation that its ok not to have it all together all the essential element of a valid contract, time so the kids had toast for dinner, so the house is a shambles this season will not be forever. In this season, its ok for some things to Slavery in To Kill a Mockingbird be less of a focus. Perhaps also it is in the vulnerability that we appreciate.

Bosch herself has admitted the whole toast thing sticks in her own mind as a moment she felt like a failure. Employee Mcdonalds! In academia we often share our successes with one another, but I think it is Kill a Mockingbird by Harper through vulnerably sharing our failures (or perceived failures) that we can truly inspire others. For me personally though, it was at this point in the book, I felt myself exhale in relief as I realised..I am not alone. Being a PhD mum is notes amazing but can be strangely isolating. Im only part time, so Im there for school pick up / drop off and in To by Harper Lee Essay lots (not all, but lots) of the other school mums dont get why Im studying; or why I dont have university holidays; or why I would do a degree that would take so many years (havent you finished yet?). Im sure they think its some sort of strange hobby. Meanwhile at Examining, university Im faced with the other side of the coin. Where I arrive for a meeting at 10am and I have already been up since 6am; organised breakfast; prepared lunches for all 4 members of the family; gotten myself ready; gotten two kids dressed; bags packed; hair done; teeth brushed; homework done and packed; hats and sunscreen on; walked up to school, then preschool to drop off, only to have to run to catch a bus. And thats a standard morning when there are no dramas (shes trying to touch me with her porridge he started it). While I wouldnt change it for the world, I feel like the friends and colleagues I have at in To by Harper, university (and Im fortunate to have found some great ones) cant really identify with my life outside of university. So Im left feeling like Im always flipping between two very different worlds.

But in reading this book, and in meeting other parents who are doing / have done their PhD (thanks here to the #survivephd15 MOOC for helping me make these connections!) I realise, I am not alone. There are many around the Is Ulyses, world in the same boat as me (in fact there is even a Facebook group of PhD Mums based in Slavery in To Lee Essay my city). And we can all encourage each other along the way! Now, to be honest, my kids couldnt understand why the mum was upset about giving toast my son would have peanut butter toast and a banana for dinner every night if I let him! So I didnt get teary until the very end of the book, when the mothers learning inspires her child to Mindset do their best (something close to my heart which Ive written about Slavery Kill, before in my blog); but this sentimentality was short lived because when we finished the story, I asked my 4-yr-old what his favourite part was he shouted the sloth!. In Sociology! As soon as Id finished they demanded an in To Kill by Harper Lee Essay immediate re-read, which I think is the ultimate honour that can be bestowed any kids book! So thanks Bailey for making studying as a mum normal. Thanks for reminding us its ok not to have it together all the time; that we can be vulnerable about the tough times; and that our love of learning can rub off on our kids. Discount! And personally, thanks for reminding me that I am not alone.

If you are interested in Slavery Kill by Harper getting a a copy of the book, or just want to read more about being a mum who studies (perhaps you are thinking of starting a family whilst doing your PhD, or just would like some more resources and help) check out theory, If you follow the narratives of the PhD in the mainstream media you can get really depressed. All the reports are so negative on your job prospects. Whats a PhD student to do? Well, some clever people are turning their minds to the problem and in To Kill a Mockingbird Lee Essay this post concerns a new book on the subject. Normally when I get a book sent to me I review it, or send it out to a student to element review. But in this case I asked the writer themselves to write a post as the book is free.

Anna Harrison is a Brisbane-based growth strategist, designer and business consultant who creates pathways to Kill a Mockingbird profit for the secret sharer spark, business. She has spent the in To a Mockingbird, past two decades consulting selectively to organisations in Australia and the US; maximising their value as they confront change and seek to innovate. More recently, Anna has completed her own PhD studies, and established successful skills development workshops for businesses and employment transition workshops for essential valid contract, university graduates. Anna can be contacted at Take it away Anna! The futility of higher education is a topic that has received much press attention in the last few years. In 2010, The Economist published a now popular article entitled The Disposable Academic. The article described the dissatisfaction and disappointment that many PhD students feel after completing their coveted degree it painted a picture of brilliant people who, after years of dedication and hard work emerge without the skills to land their dream job.

As the Slavery in To by Harper Lee Essay, world becomes increasingly complex, a degree alone no longer guarantees career success . The changes in both the the secret sharer spark notes, academic and in To Lee Essay industry ecosystems over the last 20 years have affected the mix of skills needed to excel in either environment. Increasingly, there is an acute need for graduates who are armed not only Is Ulyses S. Grant Essay, with domain specific brilliance, but also a range of auxiliary skills. From Scholar to Slavery Kill Dollar provides a practical guide to essential developing the auxiliary skills needed to make a successful transition from scholar to post degree success. The book distills two decades of academic, consulting and life experience into a set of 15 simple steps that can be followed by anyone wishing to make a successful transition: whether that be from university to a first career, or changing careers later in life. In my work coaching corporate teams, I am often asked as to Slavery Kill Lee Essay which of the 15 auxiliary skills are the mcdonalds, most importantarguably, although the Kill by Harper Lee Essay, most critical skill is learning to articulate value in the currency of in Schools Essay ones audience by far the most controversial is number 5: always dress well, look good and take yourself seriously.

From Scholar to Slavery Lee Essay Dollar is available free for Leadership in Schools, personal use through iBooks and from the books website. Slavery In To By Harper! I wish you all the best in the secret your personal journey to a Mockingbird Lee Essay post degree success if you enjoy the Teaching the Engineering Mindset Essay, book, please share it. The Thesis Whisperer is dedicated to Kill a Mockingbird Lee Essay helping research students everywhere. It is Essay edited by Dr Inger Mewburn, director of research training at The Australian National University. The Thesis Whisperer has contributors from around the world. In To Kill By Harper Lee Essay! Read our about page if you are interested in writing for us.

New to our blog? Check out theory in sociology, our ebook. We are a not for profit site; all proceeds are used to cover running costs. If you like what we do you can support our work.

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. This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by mnemverrokifen 4 days, 9 hours ago. Department of Mathematics | Brown University Department of Mathematics. Kill A Mockingbird. (Providence, RI, USA)Faculty Undergraduate Program Number Theory Group Past Ph. D. Recipients Brown University Mathematics Department info@ math More is normally expected to advance to candidacy by the end of the fifth semester if he or she is to in sociology, continue toward the Ph.D . Slavery In To A Mockingbird By Harper Lee Essay. 4. Thesis Harvard Mathematics Department : Senior Thesis and PhD Thesis Senior thesis and phd thesis at the secret sharer spark notes the mathematics department . Home; In order that senior thesis produced by Harvard math students are easier for other (Brown PROGRAMME HANDBOOK FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS #032;PDF filePROGRAMME HANDBOOK FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS IN APPLIED MATHEMATICS MARK Brown provides training and research directed towards the PhD thesis with guidance from Brown CS: The LaTeX Page The LaTeX Page. For the impatient: Brown Honors thesis class file; Brown PhD and Honors thesis class files are available on in To Kill the CS Dept intranet only;Graduate School | Brown University Two PhD Students Receive Ford Fellowships.

At Brown she studies in Examining in Schools the Earth, Brown University Graduate School Box 1867 Brown University Mathematics Phd Thesis 439205 4/14/2009 #032;Welcome To Alpha Phi Alpha Faternity Inc. Forums General Chat Brown University Mathematics Phd Thesis 439205 This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 phd Thesis Mengdi Zheng (Summer) Brown Applied phd Thesis Mengdi Zheng (Summer) Brown Applied Maths 1. Numerical methods for Slavery in To Kill a Mockingbird stochastic systems subject to generalized L?evy noise by Mengdi Zheng Sc Brown University Phd Dissertation9.3/10 #032; Harvard PhD Theses in the Engineering Mindset Essay Physics : 2000 to Present | Home Harvard PhD Theses in Physics: If no Harvard A.M. was awarded, only in To Kill undergraduate degree is listed. Thesis advisor JONATHAN BENJAMIN, B.S. (Brown. Here is a list of Leadership Essay PhD and EdD theses completed in the recent past at the Faculty of Education . Kill By Harper Lee Essay. Name: Topic: Ros Brown : Enabling Year 2 PhD Program | Department of Mathematics at Prerequisites The Department of discount Mathematics offers 2 PhD degrees, one in Mathematics and one in in To Kill by Harper Applied Mathematics. Teaching The Engineering. Applicants for admission to either PhD program Brown University Phd Dissertation9.7/10 #032; Ph.D . in in To Kill by Harper Mathematics University of California, San Diego Ph.D . in employee discount Mathematics At this point, the student chooses a thesis topic, Typically, students should not enroll in MATH 299 Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematical Sciences Ph D Programs Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematical Sciences . Slavery By Harper Lee Essay. Students seeking a Ph.D . in Mathematical Sciences are expected to Teaching the Engineering Mindset, show a Dissertations, Theses, and Student Research Papers in PhD candidates: You are welcome and Master#8217;s candidates: Deposit of by Harper Lee Essay your thesis or project is required. (If an Essay embargo, [restricted access] Joshua Brown Kramer. Slavery In To By Harper Lee Essay. Ph.D . Recipients and their Thesis Abstracts | www. math Ph.D . Essential Element Valid. Recipients and their Thesis Abstracts . Algebra. The main tools used are Ken Brown #8216;s Normalizer spectral sequence This thesis is Slavery Kill a Mockingbird by Harper devoted to the study of Brown University Dissertation 9.2/10 #032; Graduate programs | Department of Mathematics Graduate programs . www. math M.S., M.Phil., Ph.D . Teaching Essay. Chairman: Igor B. Frenkel.

Director of Graduate Studies: The thesis is expected to be independent THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF COVERS IN A math #032;PDF fileJonathan P. Brown Thesis Committee: Ralph S. Freese, Chairperson Thomas Craven Martha Crosby J.B. Nation Sarah Post. This dissertation is dedicated to my muse, the by Harper Ph.D . Program Content | www. math .cornell.eduThe graduate program in the field of discount mathematics at a Mockingbird Lee Essay Cornell leads to the Ph.D . degree, and is finally chaired by the student#8217;s thesis adviser. MATH 6110, Real. Mindset Essay. 9.5/10 #032;What do grad students in math do all day? Do they just A lot of math grad school is reading books and Lee Essay papers and trying to understand what and Quora User, math PhD student. You still need to write a thesis . Employee Mcdonalds. video: Brown Math Grad Student Wins National Dance Your What is in To Kill a Mockingbird Diana Davis#8217; math PhD about? Don#8217;t try to understand the blackboard she how she translated it into dance, below. Photo: Brown University.

Graduate Program | Department of Mathematics Penn Math Students in the Penn Math graduate program can pursue Ph.D . or masters degrees, LaTeX thesis style files; List of Penn Math Ph.D .#8217;s; Penn Academic Calendar;Postgraduate Theses University of Sydney PhD : Alistair Merrifield: Brown G) Michael Kemp: Geometric Seifert 4-manifolds with aspherical bases (Supervisor: PhD : Brigitte Brink:Graduate Information | Department of MathematicsFurthermore, there exists a strong scholarly relationship between the Math Department and the discovery of a thesis Ph.D .#8217;s are successfully Application Materials and Information Mathematics Math Webmail Math ownCloud Recent Ph.D .s Thesis Abstracts; Application selective program that serves students who wish to complete a Ph.D Overview | Department of sharer spark Mathematics | NYU Courant Overview ; Admissions Financial Support; Ph.D The Ph.D . degrees in Slavery Kill a Mockingbird followed by a period of Teaching Mindset research and the preparation and defense of the doctoral thesis . Thesis ShareLaTeX, Online LaTeX Editor Templates Thesis . graduate- thesis . thesis template with memoir. LaTeX PhD Thesis Template. STU FIIT Bachelor thesis Slovak university of technology. unicamp.

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cliff notes essay M ercaptans and other volatile sulfur compounds in wine. Printable version is available here. An article on volatile sulfur compounds in wine isnt likely to turn many heads. In truth, its the sort of topic that gets filed away as worthy but dull, and only ever gets read by people who are swotting up for Kill a Mockingbird Lee Essay, their diploma or MW, and then gets promptly forgotten. Aware of this, Im willing to strike a deal with my readers. If I try my best to cover this otherwise fiercely dull and technical wine science piece in Leadership in Schools, a manner that is both readable and doesnt require any specialist science knowledge, will you try to venture below the first paragraph? Volatile sulfur compounds, and Slavery in To a Mockingbird by Harper, specifically mercaptans, are a hot topic in Examining Leadership in Schools, wine at the moment, so its worth learning a bit about them. These are the compounds largely responsible for the olfactory defect known as reduction. And theres a lot of Kill a Mockingbird by Harper ignorance and misinformation appearing about them, even in print.

My aim in this piece is to present a step-by-step guide to theory in sociology these molecules in wine, bringing in some of the latest research and in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper, providing an accessible introduction to the subject without skimping on Examining in Schools the meaty bits. There are around 100 volatile sulfur compounds that have been identified in wine, but only a few are significant enough to be included in our story here. What do you need to know about them? First and foremost, they are smelly. Thus even at low concentrations they can have a sensory impact on Slavery in To by Harper the wine.

Second, they are chemical chameleons, able to subtly change their form depending on the wine environment they are in: this is significant because if they are below detection threshold in one less smelly form, they may suddenly become noticeable in another more smelly form. The Secret Notes. Third, they arent all bad: recent research has shown that they are important contributors to varietal character in Slavery Kill a Mockingbird Lee Essay, many wines, so winemakers should be careful not to just eliminate them randomly. Reduction is the term used to describe the presence of Leadership in Schools volatile sulfur compounds in Slavery a Mockingbird, wine. Its actually a bit of a misnomer. Let me try to explain why. Reduction and in sociology, oxidation are two different chemical processes that complement each other. In a chemical reaction, electrons change hands, and in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay, as one compound is oxidized another is reduced. If there is plenty of oxygen around, then chemical components in a wine will be gradually oxidized (the electrons are transferred from the chemical components in the wine to the oxygen). The end result is an oxidized wine. During fermentation the yeasts need oxygen, and in the early stages of red wine development a little oxygen is helpful because it allows the oxidation of some ethanol to acetaldeyde (also known as ethanal) which can then help with the Essay development of Slavery in To Kill a Mockingbird Lee Essay tannins and of a, pigmented polymers that are important in building structure and colour (this is the in To a Mockingbird Lee Essay theory behind microoxygenation).

But after this, wine development is employee discount, largely reductive: that is, it occurs best in the relative absence of oxygen. This is where we will need to get to grips with a chemical term: redox potential. This is a measure of Lee Essay how oxidative or reductive a system, such as a wine in in sociology, barrel or bottle is, and it is measured in millivolts (mV)the higher the reading, the in To Lee Essay less reductive. Typically, an aerated red wine will have a redox potential of 400450 mV, whereas storage in Teaching the Engineering Mindset Essay, the absence of Slavery air for some time will reduce this to 200250 mV. If levels get as low as 150 mV then there is a danger that reduction problems can occur. Exposure to theory in sociology oxygen through winemaking practices such as racking, topping up barrels and Slavery in To Kill Lee Essay, filtering, increases the in sociology level of dissolved oxygen in the wine and increases the redox potential, which will then return to in To a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay 200300 mV. In white wines, this redox level will change much more rapidly than red wines, because red wines have a higher concentration of phenolic compounds such as tannins which are able to notes interact with oxygen, and act as buffers.

Another variable here is the level of free sulfur dioxide in the wine, which will act protectively by in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper, reacting with the products of Essay oxidation. Yeast lees also scavenge oxygen and Kill a Mockingbird by Harper, protect the wine in a similar fashion, helping to lower the Examining Leadership in Schools Essay redox potential and create a more reductive environment. In modern winemaking, reductive conditions are encouraged: the Lee Essay protection of wines from oxygen by the use of stainless steel tanks and inert gases helps to preserve fresh fruit characters. These r eductive conditionsthose in which oxygen is more or less excludedcan also favour the development of smelly forms of sulfur compounds. This is where thee term reduced comes from, and theory, if this reduction occurs before bottling, addition of Slavery in To a Mockingbird by Harper oxygen may correct the fault. Sharer Spark Notes. But it is Slavery Kill a Mockingbird, important to note that these sulfur compounds can develop in wine even in non-reductive conditions, at which stage further oxygen exposure may result in turning a smelly wine into a smelly oxidized wine. Equating the term reduced with the presence of volatile sulfur compounds is Teaching the Engineering Mindset, therefore an oversimplification. In fact, when people use reduction, they are actually referring to the presence of sulphur compounds. The use of this term is quite unhelpful, because it is scientifically imprecise and Kill a Mockingbird, can be misleading. Reduction is a simplification, a language abuse, says Dominique Delteil, scientific director of the ICV in the south of France. As often occurs in essential element contract, wine vocabulary, tasters have been willing to link sensory sensations to chemical or physical states, without being sure they are real or not. Reduction is typical of this. Delteil continues, I prefer to call this concept sulfur flavours rather than reduction. Now that weve spelt this out, I hope that no one will object to me continuing to use reduction as a shorthand for these sulfur flavours.

Volatile sulfur compounds: a quick tour. So what are the a Mockingbird Lee Essay characteristics of reduction? These can be quite variable, and essential element of a valid contract, this is probably why theres some confusion on the subject. Table 1 summarizes some of the commonly encountered sulfur flavours in wine. TABLE 1 Some of the volatile sulfur compounds in wine. Rotten eggs, sewage.

This is the main baddy, made by yeasts when they use one of the sulfur-containing amino acids as a nitrogen source. Stress also encourages its formation. Mercaptans (also known as thiols) This is a large group of very smelly sulfur compounds. Terms such as cabbagey, rubbery, struck flint or burnt rubber are used as descriptors. If hydrogen sulfide isnt removed quickly, it can result in mercaptan production. This is Slavery in To a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay, a big worry for winemakers. burnt match, sulfidy, earthy. Often negative, but can be positive in the right wine environment at certain levels.

methyl mercaptan (methanethiol) rotten cabbage, cooked cabbage, burnt rubber, stagnant water. One of the compounds implicated in sharer, screwcap reduction. Cooked vegetables, cooked corn, canned tomato at high levels; blackcurrant drink concentrate at lower levels. Quince, truffle. Sweet, ethereal, slightly green, sulfidy. Vegetal, cabbage, onion-like at high levels. garlic, burnt rubber. 4-mercapto-4-methylpentan-2-one (4MMP), 3-mercaptohexan-1-ol (3MH), 3-mercaptohexyl acetate (3MHA) Tropical fruit/passion fruit at low levels; cats urine at higher levels.

These are the polyfunctional thiols that are common in Sauvignon Blanc but also found in red wines where they can contribute to the blackcurrant fruit aroma. Kill By Harper Lee Essay. An example of sulfur flavours that can be positive in the right environment. Can be positive in the right context and at the right levels. Where do these sulfur compounds come from in the first place? Its mainly from yeasts. In particular, if yeasts are having a hard time finding enough nitrogen in the musts, theyll make use of the amino acid cysteine as a nitrogen source. Cysteine contains sulfur, and this sulfur is recombined chemically by the Engineering, the yeast metabolism to form the smelly sulfur compounds that are the in To Kill a Mockingbird Lee Essay subject of Examining Leadership in Schools this piece. It is of great importance, therefore, for winemakers to Kill make sure that their yeasts are happy and theory in sociology, have an adequate nitrogen supply. Yeast assimable nitrogen is the technical term thats used here.

But even where the yeasts are relatively happy, some formation of sulfur compounds during fermentation seems inevitable. And these compounds need careful handling by winemakers if they arent to turn into a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay problems. Why sulfur compounds in wine is officially a hot topic. Volatile sulfur compound chemistry is a hot topic in wine for two reasons. First of all, the closures debate has pointed the finger at screwcaps in sealing wines so tightly that the resulting wine environment has a low redox potential that in turn encourages reduction.

Secondly, one of the high-end discussions among wine makers is whether reduction is essential element of a contract, always a bad thing. Recent work has shown that some of the volatile sulfur compounds are important components of the varietal character of Sauvignon Blanc. Slavery Kill Lee Essay. They may also be important for other wine styles, too, and have also been isolated from S. Grant Essay wines made with Gewrztraminer, Riesling, Colombard, Petit Manseng, Semillon, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, among others. And theres some interesting evidence that reduction at a low level, in the right wine contexts, may be an important complexing factor. Could it even be that what we think of as minerality in wine, which we attribute to the soilterroir, if you willcould all be about volatile sulfur compounds? Now theres a thought. Lets first correct a popular misconception, though. Sulfur dioxide (SO 2 ) is not a volatile sulfur compound, and Kill Lee Essay, is not really part of the reduction syndrome. SO 2 is added to wine in mcdonalds, order to provide microbiological stability, and perhaps more importantly to prevent oxidation.

Actually, its a little more complicated than that. SO 2 splits into various molecular forms in wine, of which only the free SO 2 has any protective activity. It reacts with oxygen only slowly, so in actual fact its role is to bind up the products of in To a Mockingbird oxidation in wine so that the oxidation isnt apparent, even though oxidation of the wine components will already have occurred. This is a complicated, but important story, but it isnt terribly relevant to spark our discussions here. Now the really controversial bit. Can you believe it?

Sulfur compounds in Slavery Kill, winereductionhas been in the national press in the last few weeks. The Daily Telegraph carried a story titled Screwcaps blamed for tainting wine on 19th September, which was also picked up by in sociology, other news outlets. This was prompted by the results of the in To Kill by Harper Lee Essay faults clinic from the 2006 International Wine Challenge (IWC). In a number of cases the IWC chairmen validated a link between screw cap use and a unfavourable vegetal/rubber flavoured compoundpresumed to be a complexed sulfide, reports Sam Harrop MW, who was one of the four IWC chairs. At first glance a percentage of 4.9% of theory total faults may not seem high, but when examined in the context of total screw cap figures, a more worrying rate of 2.2% [of all screwcapped wines] emerges. Slavery In To Kill Lee Essay. In the context of the 2006 IWC cork taint figure of Teaching 2.8% [of all natural cork-sealed wines], this fault type is significant and should be given more attention by a Mockingbird Lee Essay, wineries using screwcap. However, Harrop is keen to emphasize that hes not equating the two: While the IWC figures for screwcaps are a concern, there is no question in theory in sociology, my mind that the continued incidence of cork taint is still a more serious issue. The potential problem with sulfides in screwcapped wines first came to in To Kill Lee Essay the wine worlds attention through the magnificent closures study began by the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) in 1999, and in Schools Essay, which has been reported on Slavery Kill by Harper at regular intervals as the wine (a 1999 Semillon from the Clare Valley) has developed under a range of some 14 different closures. Included in this study was a metal-lined screwcap.

The liner is important here: the oxygen transmission properties of a screwcap are determined by its nature. Valid. In Australia and New Zealand, the two countries where screwcaps have seen the largest take-up, the Slavery in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay almost universally used liner has a metal layer in it (usually tin; sometimes aluminium). This creates a highly gas-impermeable seal, with very little oxygen transmission. These liners are instantly recognizable because they have a metallic appearance. The other commonly used screwcap liners for wine appear whitethese are known as saranex-only liners and Essay, allow more oxygen transmission, although probably a bit more than is needed just to avoid reduction, and likely more than wed want of in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay a closure for wines destined for keeping for more than a few years. In the first major report from this closure trial, 20 months on, the AWRI reported that the in sociology tin-lined screwcaps performed as expected: with their tight seals they kept the wine freshest, and the screwcapped bottles scored highest for fruity aromas, maintaining the highest levels of free sulfur dioxide while showing the least colour development. But they also scored highly for struck flint/rubber in the sensory analysis. This observation persisted through all time points of the study, including the most recent report at 63 months post bottling. Subsequent trials which have examined the performance of metal-lined screwcaps have reached consistent results, as have studies using sealed ampoules where there is no oxygen transmission at all. Slavery A Mockingbird Lee Essay. Reduction seems to be a problem in these sorts of analytical studies involving metal-lined screwcaps. The obvious explanation is that the low redox environment of the screwcap-sealed wine is causing some unwanted sulfur chemistry to occur, with sulfur compounds shifting from a less smelly (and thus unnoticed) form to a more smelly (and thus noticeable), more reduced form. What are we to Examining Leadership in Schools make of Slavery this?

Is it a real world problem on a part with cork taint, or is Mindset Essay, it just a minor technical problema teething issue that just needs a bit of Slavery in To Lee Essay tweaking? The latter position has been the in sociology one consistently adopted by proponents of screwcaps. In To Kill A Mockingbird Lee Essay. Indeed, quite a number of employee mcdonalds individuals and wineries have aligned themselves strongly with this closure type by signing up to the International Screwcap Initiative. In To Kill Lee Essay. They have invested a fair bit of emotional energy in this cause, as well as several years production of their wines, so their natural response to these sorts of data is to either fight or deny them. Others have been gunning for screwcaps to failnone more so than the cork industry who see their livelihood threatened by this remarkably easy-to-use (from the sharer notes consumers perspective) closure. Since the publication of the first AWRI report in 2001, there has been just a trickle of data on the subject of screwcap reduction. But little by little a clearer picture has emerged, and I would go so far as to say that the current weight of evidence suggests that the issue of mercaptans in screwcapped wines is problematic enough that some caution should be exercised in in To Kill by Harper Lee Essay, their use. Theory In Sociology. First we have the consistency of the observation: where people have been looking carefully at screwcapped wines, these mercaptans (or what people believe to be mercaptans from Slavery in To a Mockingbird Lee Essay sensory analysis) have always been found. Then we have anecdotal observation by interested parties.

Ive done side by side tastings of the same wines sealed by screwcap and a more permeable closure (Diam or cork), and the difference has been striking. Teaching. Of course, the value of this sort of observation depends on your view of my palate and intellectual independence. But I was personally convinced that there was a consistent character appearing in the screwcapped wines, which, while I probably would not have noticed it on its own if I hadnt been looking, appeared detrimental to the wine quality when made evident in Slavery Lee Essay, the side-by-side comparison. Australian wine writer Campbell Mattinson, reporting on a tasting in which he encountered a number of reduction problems with screwcap wines, has the following to say. Excessive reduction in Examining in Schools, a wine is a winemaking issue, not a closure issue. I know this. Ive been told it 357 timesat least. Right. What I want to know then is: screwcaps have been in increasingly high volume use ever since Orlando bottled its 1998 Richmond Grove riesling under it. Its now 2006. How long, en masse, is it going to take for winemakers to get it right?

When is the winemaking issue going to end? Should we restrict the use of screwcaps only to those winemakers who actually know what theyre doing? At what point do we say: screwcaps are fabulous, but too many in the industry cant be trusted with them. Do we need to introduce a Screwcap Licence system? A recent comparative tasting of screwcapped and cork-sealed bottles was reported by Ralph Kyte Powell in in To Kill Lee Essay, Australian newspaper The Age (21 February 2006).

24 wines were tried, white and red. This comparison was particularly useful because tasting notes were given for each of the wines. Reading these notes, two points are emphasized. Examining Leadership Essay. First, that the wines taste quite different in almost every case. Second, that the number of in To by Harper descriptors indicative of the presence of mercaptans in the screwcapped wines is striking. This suggests that screwcap reduction is a real world problem: bottles are out there showing it. New Zealand winemaker (Stonecroft, Hawkes Bay) and PhD chemist Alan Limmer has been a bit of a thorn in the side of the screwcap lobby. He has written widely on the subject, bringing his knowledge of wine chemistry to Teaching the Engineering Mindset bear. In particular, Limmer has pointed out Slavery in To a Mockingbird by Harper that screwcap reduction is sharer spark, not a problem that can be completely eliminated by better winemaking, as many have claimed. By Harper Lee Essay. In essence we are talking about element of a valid contract, thiol accumulation, post-bottling, from complex sulfides which do not respond to a Mockingbird Lee Essay pre-bottling copper treatment, claims Limmer, in response to the assertion that fining with copper removes reduction defects. This reaction occurs to all wines containing the appropriate precursors, irrespective of closure type.

But the varying levels of oxygen ingress between closures leads to significantly different outcomes from a sensory point of Examining in Schools Essay view. Limmers explanation for in To by Harper, screwcap reduction is that sulfides present in the wine at the Engineering Mindset bottling necessitate a very small level of oxygen ingress through the closure, otherwise they can become reduced to thiols. Because sulfides are less smelly, it is possible for a wine that is clean at in To a Mockingbird Lee Essay bottling to taste reduced after bottling if the theory closure doesnt permit enough oxygen ingress. So the use of a closure, such as cork, which does allow a little oxygen ingress (but not too much) is a necessary concession to the vagaries of sulfur chemistry. Of course, wed rather not have the Slavery a Mockingbird sulfides in the wine at valid contract all, which would then avoid problems with reduction to mercaptans at a later stage. But, as Limmer points out: Controlling ferments to not produce the complex sulfides is beyond our means currently.

This sulfide behaviour of the Slavery a Mockingbird Lee Essay ferment is more controlled by the yeast genetics than the winemaker, he explains. It is not the winemakers fault these compounds exist in in Schools Essay, the wine at bottling. We can minimize it to some extent by providing optimum nutrient conditions for in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper, the ferment, and employing some specific winemaking regimes. Employee Discount Mcdonalds. But, the research tells us this only Slavery Kill a Mockingbird by Harper, has a slight impact on the complex sulfide pattern produced by the yeast. Limmer reinforces his point: The patterns are quite specific to each yeast type, almost irrespective of nutrient conditions. Mcdonalds. Every wine contains these complex sulfides. What can winemakers do to eliminate unwanted sulfur compounds from their wine? A healthy ferment should help, and then copper fining is widely touted as the solution. This certainly gets rid of in To Kill Lee Essay mercaptans, but it doesnt eliminate disulfides which can, as we have seen, can revert in essential of a contract, a low redox environment to mercaptans. For this reason, Limmer calls copper fining the Ambulance at Slavery Kill by Harper Lee Essay the bottom of the cliff. Besides, copper fining will also remove the desirable sulfides which are important for essential, varietal character in Sauvignon Blanc and other grapes. The new cork taint?

We have to be careful, however, not to overstate the Slavery Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay potential threat caused by mercaptans in mcdonalds, wines that are sealed by ultra-low permeability closures such as tin-lined screwcaps. The extent of screwcap reduction is currently unclear. It seems that there are some things that winemakers can do to miminize its occurrence, even if, as Limmer asserts, it cant be avoided altogether. The IWC data indicating that 2.2% of screwcapped wines suffered from mercaptan problems are alarming, but it should be borne in mind that cork taint irredeemably ruins bottles it affects, while very few consumers will have a problem with low level mercaptans in their wines [although most of us can remember at least one occasion where friends or relatives have happily sipped corked wine; still, I think theres some validity to my point]. Slavery In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper. I doubt that most of the wine trade would spot this as a problem in all but the Teaching the Engineering Mindset most extreme cases, so it is in To a Mockingbird Lee Essay, unfair to equate it with the essential element of a contract very well recognized problem of cork taint. Having said this, though, screwcap-sealed wines affected by mercaptans should be a major concern for winemakers because the Slavery in To Lee Essay closure is modifying the flavour of the wine, which is emphatically not reaching the consumer the way the winemaker intended. It would be dangerously complacent for the industry to take the view that if the employee mcdonalds consumer doesnt notice it, then it doesnt matter. Personally, I am slightly concerned that low level mercaptans may be affecting far more than 2.2% of wines sealed with screwcaps. They impact from an organoleptic perspective towards the end of the Slavery Kill by Harper palate, claims Limmer, imparting a mineral or bitter/hard/astringent aspect.

This has the Teaching the Engineering appearance of Slavery in To Kill by Harper Lee Essay shortening or closing up the Teaching Mindset palate, so the Slavery a Mockingbird Lee Essay wine does not display a fine fresh long finish, but ends abruptly, and essential contract, somewhat harshly. This is describing something Ive certainly noticed in side-by-side comparisons of cork and Slavery in To Kill by Harper, screwcap-sealed wines. Is it happening all the time, but going more-or-less undetected? Gregor Christie of membrane cork company ProCork has been concerned enough about this problem that he has sent of wines for testing at ETS laboratories in California. Clearly, Christie has a commercial imperative for showing that ProCork is superior to essential element of a tin-lined screwcaps in this regard, but even given this motivation, the results are interesting. Christie took the 2002 Clare Valley Semillon used in the commercial closure trial run by in To Kill a Mockingbird, the AWRI, comparing ProCork with natural cork and essential of a, screwcap, and submitted bottles sealed with all three closures to ETS for testing for a range of volatile sulfur compounds. For methyl mercaptan, which has a perception threshold of 0.3 parts per billion (ppb), both the in To Kill by Harper Lee Essay cork- and ProCork-sealed bottles were below detection limit. Element. However, the screwcapped bottle showed a level of 0.6 ppb, above perception threshold. But a sense of perspective is called for here. Slavery A Mockingbird By Harper Lee Essay. Theres a real danger that the message that is distilled by journalists from all this technical talk becomes a misleading screwcaps taint wine story. Element Of A Valid. The picture emerging is a complex one, but such a simplification would be dangerous if it caused producers to back away from adopting alternative closure solutions, which would then have the knock-on effect of removing any incentive from the cork industry to put its house in order and Slavery Kill by Harper Lee Essay, do all it can to reduce taint levels. However, complications like this mercaptan issue should put pressure on mcdonalds winemakers to be more curious about the closures they are using.

They should ask more questions about issues like oxygen transmission, and a Mockingbird, insist on seeing independently validated data on closure performance rather than accepting manufacturers testimonials or sales pitches unquestioningly. Article originally appeared in Harpers Wine Spirit Weekly in 2006. Posted here February 2007. Theory. Copyright Jamie Goode.

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Is it appropriate to Slavery Kill by Harper Lee Essay, staple together a two-page resume? Should I staple the two pages together, or not? Are staples annoying or a necessary evil? Does it make a difference whether Im mailing them or handing them over in Mindset Essay person? The first thing that happens to Slavery in To a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay, a resume is that it is theory scanned. Staples impede that process. In To A Mockingbird By Harper! Leave the staples out. If you have to Is Ulyses S. Grant a Hero?, have 2 pages staple them. As an Slavery a Mockingbird by Harper employer I would think your resume was incomplete if page 2 got lost. Employee Discount Mcdonalds! (not all employers scan them. some still have file cabinets. Grisson is Slavery Lee Essay correct.

My sister worked as the HR person at Symantec. A staple is a great way to get it thrown into essential element contract the trash immediately. I have asked her about this in Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay the past. Usually when a resume comes in they have to scan/copy it to send out to discount, other people. A staple wouldnt be a big deal if you were applying at a small place. Best would be to try and get the a Mockingbird resume to fit on one page. edit : And you should be using a cover letter too.

A lot of the resume stuff can be pushed onto that. One other alternative would be to use a handy paper clip. The Secret Notes! Keeps the resume together, but then if it is Slavery in To by Harper Lee Essay going to be scanned can be removed easily. I agree though that a one page resume might be best, if you can manage it. Examining Leadership! (Or maybe make a small footer with Page 1 of 2Page 2 of 2?) I do plan to use a cover letter. In To Kill By Harper! Try as I might, I just cant get it down to one page. Ive even left off my earliest jobs, too! How does anyone of a very mature age (Im 41) fit it all on one page. Essential Element Valid! Perhaps Ill staple those going to small businesses, and leave them loose for the bigger companies. I third the trying to drop it down to a single page.

It looks cleaner and gets rid of the problem inherent to your original question. Obviously this could be done w/ alteration of content, font, spacing, etc. EDIT were posting the same time I was so I didnt get a chance to Slavery Kill by Harper, read your answer first. @Snoopy is right. Im by no means an expert on this (though Im sure others here are), but a single page resume that has clean lines is probably going to be better for you than a more detailed but difficult-to-get-through two page resume. However, I imagine that trying to cram it all in with tiny fonts and narrow margins will be unappealing to theory in sociology, the eye. Slavery A Mockingbird! I found a number of resources outlining the utility of multi-page resumes, for instance, here and here. Good luck. According to Shilolos links, it is no longer considered necessary to keep it to one page in circumstances like my own.

That made me feel better! Thanks, Shi. Im not very mature in age or action but I do have what could be called varied careers in Teaching the Engineering Mindset my past One thing that always helps me keep it to a page is to tailor the resume to the position Im applying for. Instead of experience, list relevant experience. Slavery In To By Harper! I just keep a master copy I use as a template. It has all my work history and experience, then edit out the jobs that dont apply to the position Im looking at valid, and go from there. I usually end up making some slight wording changes to emphasize skills I think would apply and voila, custom resume. If you leave out irrelevant jobs, doesnt that make it look like youve had a gap in your employment history? In any case, all my jobs have been administrative/accounting positions, so none of Slavery in To Kill Lee Essay mine could be left out.

Hmmm, maybe Ill consilidate my skills/experience in one block and then just list the jobs. What about references? Second page, or provide upon request? I got hired for my last two jobs with a two page resume. What I ended up doing was using one page to detail my skills and Is Ulyses a Hero?, accomplishments and in To by Harper, the other page for the biographical info. By organizing the skills/accomplishments into three sections (Organizational, Creative and Administrative) I was able to help my employer more easily visualize what kind of Teaching the Engineering worker I would be. I do agree with shilolo on the paper clip.

Buy a box and use them for Kill a Mockingbird by Harper, small and large companies. edit: use References available upon the secret sharer spark, request Good luck on your search! Handing them in Kill by Harper person I would use staples. Mailing them I would not use anything. Do you have a cover letter and a two page resume? You guys are being so helpful!

Thank you so much :) @tennesseejac Yes, Ill have a cover letter and a two page resume. Depending on the job and the point of contact for Is Ulyses S. Grant Essay, that particular job I think its acceptable to use staples (for all pages submitted). It may seem a little unprofessional, but I dont think having a staple in Kill a Mockingbird the top corner of your resume is going to lose the job for you. Theory In Sociology! One job that I surprisingly landed was because I included an extra page other than my cover letter and resume. It was for a live music promotion company and I added a page that listed my Top 10 concerts and what I would have done to make it a better experience for Slavery Kill by Harper, me as the average customer. The guy that hired me said this additional page and Examining Essay, the first line of my Cover Letter was why I got a chance at the position. It should not be 2 pages.

If you have too much information, print double sided. I do agree that it should not be 2 pages, but I strongly disagree with printing double sided. The References available upon a Mockingbird by Harper, request is something I always included. Employee! No need to have them call your old employers if they arent going to at least give you a interview. It has never been a problem. I know the Slavery in To a Mockingbird by Harper standard wisdom is Mindset Essay that it shouldnt be more than one page long.

However, I dont hold with that view. Remember the point of the in To Kill Lee Essay resume. Examining Leadership! It is to give a potential employer an idea of what your interests, skills, and accomplishments are. If you cant get an employer to read on to the second page, youre not going to get the job anyway, even if you have a one-pager. In any case, you put the most recent, and the most important stuff on page one. These are the history and proof of skills that you believe will best help this employer. A resume is a story.

It is in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper your story. If you have a one page story, people will think you are young and inexperienced. People of a certain age must have two pagers, or even longer, or it looks like they have been severely underemployed. And if you think a two-pager is too long, you should take a look at academia. Ive seen fifteen and twenty page CVs. In Sociology! They have to Kill by Harper Lee Essay, list every publication they ever had.

Now, thats important, because that tells you not only S. Grant how productive the Slavery by Harper person is, but also their interests and knowledge base. As to Examining Leadership, staples and what-not, I have to repeat, its worrying about nothing. In To Kill A Mockingbird! If whats on your first page doesnt hook them, it wont matter whether folks have to spark, take out a staple, or lose the second page. I think you should do what your comfortable with, and in To Lee Essay, it sounds like you want to spark notes, put a staple in. Im just letting you know what my experience has been.

I hire two new people every year. Slavery A Mockingbird By Harper Lee Essay! I get a lot of resumes, some good, some horrible. I can tell right away who has a chance for the job. Ive been hiring some extremely talented people, partly, I think, because people who hold this job tend to get much better jobs when they get their degrees. The Engineering Mindset! They have a broad range of Slavery a Mockingbird Lee Essay skills they would not get anywhere else. Never print double sided. And remember to put your name on each page. If you use a paper clip, use a terrific one. Normal paper clips say casual.

Keep it at two pages if that is what you need to get your skills, experience, and education across. The one page resume rule no longer stands. Teaching The Engineering Mindset! Just be sure to have your name as a heading on Slavery in To Kill by Harper, the second page. I would not staple the Teaching the Engineering Mindset Essay two pages together. If you have to attach them to each other use a paper clip, but dont paper clip the a Mockingbird by Harper cover letter. I cant believe weve had 22 posts about 1 vs 2 page resume, paper clips vs. Of A Valid! staples! LOL! I would rather have a paper clip, than a staple for the reasons stated.

I would only Slavery a Mockingbird by Harper staple the copies that Im bringing with me to the interview (we all know to do that even if weve mailed or hand delivered resumes, right? ) But since were on Examining Leadership Essay, the subject of resumes, heres an AWESOME format for Web developer types to use. This guy has managed to incorporate great design, usability, organization, informational anticipation into the functionality of in To Kill a Mockingbird his resume. He has an FAQ to theory in sociology, highlight his skills, search feature, and you could save it as a word doc or as a .pdf. Thank you all for taking the time to give me your inputI really appreciate it. Lurve for everyone!

Ill let you know what I end up doing 1 or 2 pages, and staple, paperclip or naked. :) @shadling21 ; those are great! You can find some classy ones at levenger too! @Judi Nice! I think I prefer the levenger ones. I wonder where I can find jellyfish-shaped paper clips? I love Levenger! One of my favorite places :) @shadling: no! aieee! if paperclip says casual, paperclips that say bite me are beyond the pale. Those levenger airclips are cool though.

Yes, all of this IS important. The best are the corner points. These from Target are pretty cool. What about printing it on Kill, heavier paper, and double-siding the resume portion? Alternatively you can create a summarized focused resume for your job application, and have a website with your full resume linked so that they can see it if they want to. My resume technique has been to include a cover letter, with only the letter on the page, and in sociology, then a one page resume. I tailor my resume to the position I am applying. So far Ive only Kill a Mockingbird had to Teaching the Engineering Mindset, remove menial jobs, but if it gets to the point where Im removing big chunks of time, Ill probably go the Kill website-resume route. I like heavier paper resumes. With a two sided page it helps if it has a footer 1 of 2 pages 2 of 2 pages like a press release would have. I say ABSOLUTELY staple the two pages.

Most of the places I apply to do NOT have an automated setup as described earlier. Anything can be cut. (Try me!) You dont have to put everything into the cover letter or the in sociology resume, either one. The purpose of the resume is to get you the interview, not to get you the in To by Harper Lee Essay job. Theory! Focus on what is in To Kill a Mockingbird Lee Essay most relevant to the position youre applying for. Also remember that your cover letter and S. Grant a Hero? Essay, resume may never be seen by a hiring manager if they dont get past a screener, who is going to look for Slavery in To by Harper Lee Essay, key words and may even be looking for exact matches to essential of a valid contract, the language in a posted opening. 41 sounds very young to me! My career covers many employers, two professions (both freelance and on staff), and a wide range of experience, and I can summarize it on one page.

I would think the only exception should be a resume that lists professional publication credits. Im the Kill head of HR for Essay, a worldwide software company and am part of Kill a Mockingbird 3 HR networking/professional associations representing many different industries. I literally cant think of one single company that accepts resumes by fax or mail anymore. Resumes are generally submitted electronically through either independent job boards like monster or directly to a companys career site. S. Grant A Hero? Essay! The keys to an effective e-resume: clean format and appropriate key words that trigger e-scanning. If an Slavery Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay applicant submits a resume/app by any means but electronic, we trash it not to be callous but to enable us to search and collect stats efficiently. Good luck. I wanted to the secret sharer spark, come back and let everyone know that I got it down to one page. I left many things out, but also switched to a bullet style format from a paragraph style. Thanks for all the in To Kill a Mockingbird Lee Essay advice! and keep your fingers crossed for in sociology, me :) @baseballnut Around here (smalltown, USA) many companies still request resumes by snail mail.

Youre right. Sometimes the case. Isnt it funny that this question has had 38 reponses? About stapling? Its a great question! And we never even got into the real fundamentals of the act of Slavery by Harper stapling. Do you staple parallel with the top of the page, parallel with the Is Ulyses a Hero? side of the page or do you staple it on a diagonal? And do you use colored staples? I do.

At the Slavery in To by Harper moment the staples in my stapler are purple, but I also have blue, red, green, pink, and yellow. Also do you set the stapler down and slide the paper into it, do you press down with your palm or punch it with the essential element heel of your hand, and do you smack it hard or gently? OR do you pick it up and Slavery Kill Lee Essay, squeeze it? And finally, do you pull the staple out and element of a valid, redo it if you do not like the way it went in, not symmetrical enough or too crooked or too far from the edge? When we get through those, we will begin with questions about in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper, staple removal habits and techniques. Remember, this is all going into element of a valid contract your psychological profile. If you notice there are a lot of posts on this subject.use the friggen paper clip.

Everyone has a different opinion it it, why bother losing a shot at a job because they dont prefer the staple. Slavery In To A Mockingbird! Paperclip all pertinant papers together. While a one page resume is the secret spark nice many in this argument have forgotten about the in To a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay cover letter. For those who think a long story for your resume is what an employer wants to see, think again. In Sociology! Your resume is a glipse into what youve done. That glimpse will create the interview which is the most important part. Good luck to all, and againjust paperclip it and then you wont have to worry! This question is in the General Section.

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